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The Relationship Between Your Personality And Career

Is there such as thing as a career role based on your personality? Maybe. 

I am a type ISTP personality, meaning that I am an introverted, sensitive, thinking, and perceptive person. I like logic but I also like spontaneity. I like taking risks but I am incredibly impulsive. Do these tendencies and personality traits in me have any impact on how my career unfolds? Research suggests that there is a correlation between the two. 

Research also suggests that personality traits are consistent aspects of our personality, despite an overall glow-up in the personality. Your tenacity and stubbornness may be a part of you forever, even if you modify it and control it. Personality traits can be very hard to change. The most famous taxonomy explaining our personality traits is the Big Five. Big five refers to the hierarchical model of personality traits consisting of five factors. Agreeableness, openness, extraversion/introversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism. 

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Extraversion refers to how you are influenced by other people. Extraversion and introversion are like a spectrum. You can be on one end of the spectrum with high extraversion, meaning you are an individual who gains energy from socializing with other people. Unlike those in the extrovert spectrum,  Introverts need to be alone to recharge and stay energized. 


Agreeableness refers to how easily you may agree or disagree with others. Do you have a problem saying no or arguing with others even when you are right? Then you may be on the higher end of the spectrum of agreeableness. 


Openness is an indicator of how open you are to new experiences. Do you like making new friends? Going on spontaneous road trips? Changing plans at the last minute? Enjoy flexibility? Then you may be an individual who has high openness to experiences. 


Conscientiousness is an indicator of how diligent you are. Do your co-workers and friends refer to you as the responsible one? Maybe you are the mom of the group. This is a compliment to your conscientiousness. You are careful, organized, responsible, and like to take initiation as well. People who have high conscientiousness also might work better alone. 


Finally, neuroticism is a personality trait that shows how prone you are to anxiety, self-doubt, anger, agitation, irritability, and other negative thoughts. People with high neurotic tendencies tend to be associated with mental illnesses such as mood disorders and depression. 

Maybe it is not far-fetched to say that your fundamental personality traits can play a role in how happy and satisfied you are in a job role. Some career roles and job descriptions will attract you depending on your major personality traits. Your openness or agreeableness can influence your job preferences and subsequent choices.  People who are highly conscientious may become the best forex broker while those low in conscientiousness may opt for something less tenacious. If you are an extroverted individual you may work better as a sales marketer than a digital marketer who tends to be chained to her desk. 

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for your dream job, let’s start with a personality test. 

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