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Why Is It Advisable For Children To Bring Along Packed-Lunches To School

Many parents in this very time and day of modern civilization are downright too busy to get their lunch properly fixed, let alone preparing packed lunch for their children. If they were to do that, they would need to sacrifice perhaps one or two hours of their sleep for meal preparations, and honestly, not many parents are willing to do so. Instead, they would have their children have their lunches fixed at the school cafeteria or pass them some Lunchables. While the convenience provides plenty of quality sleep especially for working parents, by hook or by crook, it will start taking a toll on their children’s health. 

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Lunch is prepared in the school cafeteria may be comparatively better than its Lunchable counterparts, but hygiene is not guaranteed. You may be able to distinguish a pot of overnight broth from that of a freshly-stewed pot, your children can never.  Speaking of Lunchables, while being completely edible, they contain many chemical additives which if over-consumed, can be hazardous to health. 

While an adequate amount of sleep is just as significant, your children’s health should be perpetually on top of your priority. Many parents disregard the benefits of home-cooked packed lunch because it requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to prepare. That is though, a wrong conception. As a matter of fact, it is not essential to prepare something as heavy as smoked ribs and stewed vegetables because chances are that your children’s recess period is too short for that amount of food to fit in their tiny belly. 

Here are some easy lunch ideas you can take as reference : 

Egg-Mayonnaise Sandwiches 

Honestly speaking, it does not take long to boil eggs, you can easily do so within a time frame of 10 minutes. After boiling your eggs, you may begin mashing them with a moderate amount of mayonnaise. You may add in a small pinch of salt for flavor. Last but not least, spread your egg mayonnaise on any bread of your choice; wheat, sourdough, multigrain, anything of your children’s liking. To make it healthier, you may also incorporate a few pieces of lettuces to hit that daily fiber quota. Then here you have freshly-made egg-mayonnaise sandwiches. In fact, this is the most basic type of sandwich you can never go wrong with. 


It is of paramount importance for children to consume a sufficient amount of greens. In this case, you may prepare them a container of salad consisting of different types of lettuces, tomatoes, onions, some sliced chicken or seafood if you may, and finish it off with some parmesan. You can now purchase quality salmon online from salmon fresh malaysia. Trust me, the little ones will return asking for more. 

Bottom Line

Apart from the above recommendations, you are always advised to explore choices of your own provided it is not pre-manufactured foods. Start holding your children’s health accountable today by making wiser decisions.

becca tapert sY5RjMB1KkE unsplash 760x434 - The Best Material For Your Kitchen Countertop

The Best Material For Your Kitchen Countertop

It goes without saying, a kitchen deserves to be both functional and stylish. It only takes a few transformations of your kitchen to turn it into your dream wonderland! Maybe it is replacing your creaking cabinetry or maybe it is the extra splurge on the countertop.

A scratched and rugged countertop may have an aesthetic look if you opt for material like soapstone but this is not always the case.  Replacing your old countertop comes with top priority if you are planning to dazzle up your new home residing in the corner of Petaling Jaya

Different countertops have different features. They serve unique purposes and can defy your purpose if not chosen well. A good countertop fits your needs perfectly well and can enhance your overall kitchen and dining experience. Just like stainless steel countertop is perfect for the baker or the industrial-styled home, a quartz countertop is for those looking for a pop of color. So what material suits you and your kitchen the best? What goes along with the vibe and aesthetics of your new Bangi house? 

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Like we said, quartz is perfect for those looking for some vibrance and colour in their kitchen. However, aesthetics that are similar to marble and granite are not the only brilliant perk of a quartz slab for your kitchen. A quartz countertop is perfect is you are installing your countertop all by yourself.

The installation is easy and can be done with minimal outside help. Unlike granite and marble. They are also easier to maintain and seal. The combination of minerals and resins is also incredibly heat resistant as well as stain-resistant. So if you are a messy slob like the most in the kitchen, you can go crazy with some quartz slabs for the kitchen. 

Ceramics Tile 

Ceramic tiles are loved by all. Gone are the days it is simply perceived as perfect for a kitchen backsplash. Ceramic tiles are perfect for our kitchen countertops too. You can bring customized tiles depending on your taste or even buy generic tiles that are affordable. You can have your own artistic twist with the help of ceramic tile installation. If your heart calls for some french hues and blues in your kitchen countertop, a glossy tile of the perfect shade can make your dreams come true! 

Solid Surfaces 

Solid surfaces have always been popular. They are certainly popular for a reason. Solid surfaces have so many versatile benefits for your kitchen and it is undeniable that it would be an excellent investment. Solid surfaces are seamless, beautiful for the look and touch, flexible, and goes with every color scheme. They are also durable and cost little to nothing to maintain carefully for a very long time. Solid surfaces are perfect for those looking for minimal touch in their home. 


Sometimes we want something that reminds us a bit more of mother nature. Something that blends our love for cooking with something wholesome. If you are looking to bring a natural warmth and earthy look into your home, hardwood makes the perfect addition to your kitchen. A hardwood kitchen countertop is installed by many for its water-resistant features, flexibility, versatileness, and warm look. 

Ready to updo the kitchen countertop of your new home in petaling jaya? Don’t forget that it is an investment of a lifetime. A good countertop is durable and fashionable!