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Search Engine Optimization: A Beginner’s Guide

In today’s environment, we look to Google for answers to almost all of our questions. It’s no surprise, then, that companies and website owners all around the world are doing everything they could to make their content searchable on Google. That is precisely what SEO is: the process of optimising your content so that it appears higher in search results.

The first step toward excellent SEO is to build a website on a system that allows for easy modification and content upgrades, as well as the tools you’ll need to optimise your site’s features. We recommend choosing a website builder like Wix, that allows for easy site updates and includes SEO capabilities.

After you’ve laid the groundwork for your site, you’ll have to pay attention to a variety of little elements like metadata and linking, that can help you enhance your ranks. This article will go over how to put such elements in place and ensure that they comply with SEO guidelines.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practise of improving websites so that they place well in organic (non-paid) searches on search engines. For any organisation, this is among the most important marketing methods.

Google seeks to deliver the finest possible information to its searchers in order to provide a great user experience. As a result, the act of ensuring that search engines perceive your material as the top information on the web for a specific search query should be the emphasis of SEO efforts.

How does it work?

Robots explore web pages throughout the internet to assess what information they include and, as a result, what the pages are about, for search engines. To acquire as much information as possible, these bots scan the code, gathering up written text, photos, videos, and other elements that appear on web pages. They include these sites in their index once they’ve acquired enough information about the type of available material on each page and judged that the content will be valuable to their searchers. A search engine’s index is basically all conceivable online results that it keeps in order to present to a future searcher.

Search engines determine the best result based on what users are looking for and what other information is already available on the internet. When a user searches, their system matches the user’s search query to the appropriate information in their index, producing reliable results. Hundreds of signals are then used by the platforms to select which material will appear in which order for each searcher. Experts in SEO strive to master these signals.

On-page vs. off-page SEO

As it’s impossible to know which factors have the greatest impact on search engine results, experts advise using a variety of strategies in your SEO approach. Those strategies can be classified into two parts: on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO includes the methods you use on your own web pages, such as the layout and written content, as well as metadata, alt text, and other elements. The steps you perform outside of your pages are referred to as off-page SEO. This includes things like external links, social media posts, and other forms of website promotion.

On-page and off-page SEO are both critical for boosting traffic to your site and, eventually, communicating to Google that your website is a major player online. You can help your sites rank higher and generate more traffic by letting Google know that they are essential and that people are curious to know more about what you have to offer.

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roof drain pipes malaysia

Types and Dimensions of Roof Water Drains

There are a few different types of roof drain pipes in Malaysia. The optimum type for the job is determined by a number of considerations, including the roof’s size and slope, the intended look, and how much frequent repair the drain system may require. The rooftop area, the drainage location(s), the input rate and intended drainage speed, and the estimated rainfall volume are used to size the drainage for each system, as well as the amount of drains required.

roof drain pipes malaysia1 1024x683 - Types and Dimensions of Roof Water Drains

Roof Water Drain Size

The surface of the rooftop that the drainage will be covering, and also the average rainfall data rates at the building location, are the first steps in sizing a roof drain. The next stage is to identify each roof section that will have its own leader (drain pipe, scupper, or downspout). The maker of the pipeline or drainage can provide this information.

To get the amount of drains necessary, divide the roof area by the size for each leader. Each leader has to be big enough to manage the amount of water that needs to be drained; the bigger the leader, the less roof drains you’ll need. Roof drains are generally evenly distributed and positioned in low points of the rooftop or any regions where water collects.

Aside from sizing considerations, there are a few other aspects to consider when selecting a roof drain:

  • Design and materials of the roofing
  • Rainfall volume average and storm design requirements
  • Roof pitch
  • Drainage speed
  • Local or state construction codes may impose overflow requirements.
  • Locations of Drainage
  • Roof load
  • Extra features like vandal resistance

Gutter Systems

For some low-slope roofs with a slope of more than 2%, conventional gutter systems, like those found on most residences, are adequate. (A flat roof is defined as one with a slope of lower than 2%.) Gutters are easy and inexpensive, but they must be cleaned on a regular basis. A gutter can overflow even if there is only a little amount of trash blocking it. Gutters are normally situated at the base edge(s) of the roofing and also have downspouts attached to the building’s sidewalls.

Drains for Scuppers

Scuppers are typically utilised on rooftops that are surrounded by a parapet or other sort of perimeter barrier. Open holes or channels cut into the edge of the roof or parapet are known as suppers. Water just drains out via the scuppers since the roof slopes toward them. A scupper can either drain into a downspout on the building’s exterior or have an extra chute or pipe that sends water away from the structure.

Roof Drains on the Inside

On flat roofs, inner roof drains consist of a low part or channel that gathers water and sends it into a hidden drain that goes to an underlying drainage system. The fundamental advantage of inner drainage is that the mechanism is concealed. Inner drains are resistive to freezing, but they do need to be maintained carefully to avoid difficulties.

Siphonic Roof Drain

Siphoning is used as a drainage process in a siphonic roof drain, resulting in faster drainage than any type of roofing drain. Siphonic drains, which are frequently was using on flat commercial roofs, enable for a small number of drains to be connected to the single leader. Siphonic drains are more expensive than other drainage systems, but they function well and require little maintenance. Because the syphoning force helps transport the water, siphonic drainage systems can use horizontal leaders rather than sloped pipes, that depend on gravity alone for drainage.

Self Payment Kiosk Machine Malaysia

What Is A Self Payment Kiosk Machine In Malaysia ?

With this current pandemic that has befallen all of us, the social distancing is must practice by everyone in this entire planet. Due to this virus, people have found themselves standing in front of a large screen where they pay for their food and tickets. Yet, the thing that people stood in front of them are called as self payment kiosk machine Malaysia

What Does a Self Payment Kiosk Machine Do?

The name itself is called self payment, hence this what the machine provides to its users as well. The machine has it’s specialized characteristics of enabling the users to touch its screen. Those sensors are able to sense the pressure that derives from the customer’s thumb which then produces the results that are searched by customers.  In addition, this self payment kiosk machine Malaysia is a device that is set up by big corporate companies like shopping malls, markets, fast food chain cinemas, theaters and many more. This self service machine allows its customer to make their payment by themselves without the help of labor or manpower to assist.

FeatureImage Self Service Kiosk - What Is A Self Payment Kiosk Machine In Malaysia ?

Safeness Of The Self Payment Kiosk Machine.

The self payment kiosk machine Malaysia is known to be the safest way of paying up for their products or goods since the machine provides a high end encryption mode to its customer. In other words, customers are able to select and buy from the self payment kiosk machine Malaysia without the need of worry. This is due to the vast majority of businesses and companies that have started to use self payment kiosks that have been requested by many malls, and the safety level of this self-service machine has also been upgraded.

Time Saving

The use of self payment kiosk machines in Malaysia is definitely a time saver to many customers who had made use of it. This is due to the fact that the machine itself operates by its own without the help of any human labor that is needed. In addition, the process it takes to complete the customers request is quick, easy and effective at the same time. The self payment kiosk machine Malaysia has been convenient to many fields and areas especially to the fast food franchise, where now customers don’t need to wait for a long queue to order their food because of the self payment kiosk machine Malaysia which is placed in every fast food restaurant. 

Improvement In Speedability

Moreover, the improvement in speedability of a business is further increased, due to the decreased amount of human interaction which causes the process to be slow rather than fast. To illustrate more, since the self payment kiosk machine Malaysia doesn’t need manpower to make it work, the job is done pretty much easy. Because now most of the selection, ordering and payment are solely done by the customers and this action helps to not only cut down unwanted queues, lines, and even delay the process of your orders, transaction or purchase.

What is a self service kiosk 1024x550 - What Is A Self Payment Kiosk Machine In Malaysia ?

pexels pixabay 207580 760x434 - Living Without The Internet

Living Without The Internet

Consider if you lived somewhere where you couldn’t use your phone to access Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. You couldn’t contact your buddies by SMS. You couldn’t even see YouTube videos unless you had a broadband-connected PC. Some may think it’s hell on earth, while others may argue that a vacation from the internet would be bliss on earth.

Internet connectivity has not only become a way of life in the Western world, but it has also become something we feel firmly entitled to. It’s become such a commodity at home and at work that we’re justified in being frustrated when we encounter sluggish speeds, bad connection, or terrible cellular coverage.

pexels marley clovelly 3768236 683x1024 - Living Without The Internet

When you think about it, you probably can’t imagine your day without it; how you’d communicate with colleagues and clients at work, how you’d keep track of your finances, how you’d get from A to B while avoiding road closures, and a slew of other challenges that the internet helps us avoid or shorten.

The simple fact is that today’s world, and tomorrow’s, cannot function without wireless connectivity.

Certain generations would be more affected by the implications of a world without the Internet. An 85-year-old grandparent may still choose to contact their grandchild on the phone rather than text them — an activity that some individuals now undertake dozens (if not hundreds) of times each day. But it may be really harsh on some students as it is very much important to them, also because they are from the Z generation.

So no more texting, no more browsing websites, and, of course, no more social media. If only you’d known your final tweet regarding Justin Timberlake’s attire during the Super Bowl halftime performance would be your last. Now consider economics.

Banking services rely heavily on the Internet since financial data is often housed on a server. E-transfers are not available. Your credit and debit cards would be rendered unusable.

pexels blaxtar essentials 10954316 1024x683 - Living Without The Internet

E-transfers would be eliminated. People would have to take a step back from writing rent payments to their landlords. A multitude of sectors throughout the globe would suffer trillion-dollar losses.

Countries that depend heavily on the Internet for economic development and stability would pull less tech-savvy countries down with them if trade routes constructed around the online world fail.

Furthermore, huge corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon would cease operations, resulting in a loss of about $440 billion in income. With Google employing 80,000 full-time employees, hundreds of thousands of people would be out of work.

Even businesses that depend only on the Internet for advertising would be impacted. Developed nations would lose whole sectors, resulting in an economic downturn. Well, guess what, you don’t have to live with the fear of not having internet anymore because the best deal for Time Internet in Malaysia is here!

gwen mamanoleas 0vCRW68RYD4 unsplash 760x434 - What Are Dildos, And How Do You Use It?

What Are Dildos, And How Do You Use It?

Dildos. If you have watched American productions such as shows and movies, you have probably heard this term being thrown around a couple of times. Americans are incredibly open with their sexuality in terms of what they enjoy and don’t enjoy. Therefore, it is not a big issue for them to mention these subjects that are considered to be taboo in many conservative countries. 

gwen mamanoleas 0vCRW68RYD4 unsplash 1024x576 - What Are Dildos, And How Do You Use It?

What is a dildo? 

Dildos are a type of sex toy that mimics the girth and length of a male’s phallus. They come in many shapes and sizes, as well as a range of colors. Some of them are more obvious than the others, and some are small and discreet looking. 

These sex toys are used by many groups of people for many different things. Women use them when they masturbate alone. Some women use them with their partners to achieve a climax when they desire pleasure. These toys can be used by anyone, no matter the gender or sexual orientation. 

As mentioned before, dildos are used to achive a orgasmic climax that leaves a person gasping for air, have toes curl and allows them to feel and see stars. They are usually used by individuals who are advanced in their knowledge of their body and needs. These individuals started off exploring their bodies and decided that their current method of pleasuring themselves was not enough.

Before the popularity of sex toys increased over the few years, people would use several items around the house as a replacement. For instance, there have been cases where individuals used the holder of a hairbrush to get themselves off. Unfortunately, this is a very unhygienic option because one could easily catch an infection from it, especially if not cleaned properly. Therefore you should purchase your dildo from a legitimate sex toy shop. You can buy a secret cherry dildo from a reliable company that produces sex toys that are safe and user-friendly. 

dainis graveris ahJFioPehgc unsplash 1024x683 - What Are Dildos, And How Do You Use It?

However, do not fret, if you are new to the dildo journey, here are steps you can take when you use it for the first time.

Step 1: Set The Mood

A change of ambience can bring in a change of mood. You can do this by turning off the lights, lighting some candles and playing some feel good music if you want to. Also, make sure you lock your door, so you do not have to constantly worry about someone barging in and catching you in the act. 

Step 2: Avoid messes

Next, things might get messy in terms of you sweating or ejaculating. So,to avoid any messes, make sure that you lay down a towel that can soak up all those liquids. 

Step 3: Find the right position

First, you can lay down on your back to get the ideal angle, so you can reach your G-spot. However, this position does not work on everyone. Explore with facing down, sideways, and sitting. If all these fail, you can even ride your dildo. 

This is just a brief guide to the start of your sexual journey.

Office Space for rent in PJ

Benefits of Renting an Office Space in PJ

The future of office space will be occupied by robots. And not just any robots, but very intelligent ones that can do a lot more than just eat sandwiches and make coffee for us. They will be able to learn from our mistakes and become even better than we are at doing certain tasks. The office space in PJ is getting increasingly expensive and in short supply. You don’t need to be a millionaire to rent an office.  Virtual offices are often used by companies when they need to create innovative content. These virtual offices are usually located in special spaces that provide plenty of space and are not too expensive to rent. Some companies even use them as an office space as well.

E-commerce sites also have an e-commerce office space. This is a place where all kinds of products can be sold online and will not be exposed to the public. The only requirement is that these offices must have adequate lighting, ventilation and temperature control so the customers do not get cold or hot during the nighttimes hours. The office space for rent in PJ is an investment that can be made with little thought. Office Space for rent in PJ is widely available and at affordable prices. It could be used to accommodate one’s own needs or for commercial purposes. The apartment facilities are mainly used by professionals and business owners who want to live in a high-quality environment. This can be achieved by using the space as it is meant to be used, providing suitable services and amenities.

o2 1024x684 - Benefits of Renting an Office Space in PJ

An apartment for rent is a space designed by the owner to rent out. The owner takes care of the maintenance and allows apartments for rent for individuals to use. The space is located in the heart of the city, close to shopping centres, cafes, entertainment and culture. The price is around 200 €/sqm including utilities. The real estate industry is changing rapidly. We see new developments in the office space market such as mini lofts, urban living, and shared offices. While there are many companies who have already started operating their own actual offices, most of the smaller companies still need to rent their office space. 

In future, we will see many sharing office spaces where a company can rent an entire floor for a small monthly fee. As more and more offices are being created for rent as well as for sale, this segment is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Smaller firms may not be able to afford buying expensive office furniture or having an elaborate design on their walls because of limited resources.  The space that is rented out has many advantages and disadvantages, as well as advantages and disadvantages for the tenants. It can provide a more flexible way of working especially when it comes to the amount of things that one can fit into a room, which allows one to work from home with ease and freedom.

PSV Vessel Malaysia

PSV Vessels In Malaysia

You might have heard about the importance of gas, oil to a country’s economy. But do you know the agency, the corporation, the company and who is contributing to our country’s economy without even knowing. Thanks to those organizations, we are all able to have our car tanks full, the oxygen tanks occupied and also to have oil in our kitchen to cook.

logistics - PSV Vessels In Malaysia

But talking about this matter, as an early education in school, we are taught about the process of getting oil and gas to our county with many other related items. And we all know what those processes use as its medium, ships. The ships that have been made use for all exporting and importing purposes serve another purpose in Malaysia and it is called the PSV vessel Malaysia, due to its ability to transport the offshore oil and gas to our country.

Moreover, psv vessel Malaysia, is used for a variety of purposes, and even though the oil and gas shipment has always been their primary focus, with this current and modern era, there’s a lot of need for many other items that are being given importance as same as the oil and gas. With that being said, there are many other ships that serve as the psv vessel Malaysia. 

  1. Altus Marine Solution

Altus Marine Solution was established in 2010, and has been part of the PSV vessel Malaysia till now. This company is based from Malaysia and has been the PSV vessel Malaysia by transporting items to abroad countries as well. This Altus Marine Solution specializes not only in transporting but also in other services such as maintenance, marine asset decommission and many more.


ICON OFFSHORE is also another psv vessel in Malaysia. This organization works with other parts of SouthEast Asia when it comes to water shipment. And is also known by many other countries for its marine service. This ship also transports many items and products such as oil and gas as well. But the primary focus of this company doesn’t solely focus on one, since they have many other services which are available in their company.

  1. Nam Cheong’s Limited

This company first started as only shipping vessels in the early years of 1968, till now becoming part of the PSV vessel Malaysia. The Nam Cheong Limited, is one of Malaysia’s biggest supply chain that works as a PSV vessel and also many other aspects in transporting and importing items. This company is also known to be the first PSV vessel in Malaysia. 

Lastly, as we can, Malaysia is no stranger when it comes to supply chains in our country. Our country is known for its offshore oil and gas transportation and also for its largest supply chain that other countries recruit due to the capacity of the deck and logistics that we own. It is also important to remember that this PSV vessel Malaysia is one of the reasons that Malaysia’s economy is still striving, and it is worth protecting and respecting that as well.

Sea Ocean Freight Service From Shenzhen Guangzhou Xiamen Ningbo to Tripoli Benghazi Misrata Alkhoms Libya 1024x682 - PSV Vessels In Malaysia

How To Store Food In the Refrigerator to Make It Last

ello AEU9UZstCfs unsplash 1024x712 - How To Store Food In the Refrigerator to Make It Last

If you store food in the refrigerator carelessly, it can make the food spoil quickly and have a bad impact on health.

Here are some rules that must be observed so that your food can last longer when stored in the refrigerator.

1. Pay attention to the temperature of the refrigerator

It is very important to pay attention to the temperature of the refrigerator before storing food in it. It must be ensured that the refrigerator is at 5º Celsius or lower in order to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in stored food.

Use a refrigerator thermometer to determine the correct temperature. Also check the temperature regularly at least once a week in the morning. To keep the refrigerator temperature stable, also make sure the refrigerator door is always tightly closed. Do not leave the refrigerator door open for too long.

It is not allowed to store too much food in the refrigerator because this habit can hinder air circulation in it. As a result, the food is not fresh anymore or even stale quickly. If the refrigerator is already full, lower the temperature to keep the temperature inside cool.

Also, do not place hot food in the refrigerator as this can increase the temperature of the refrigerator. You have to wait until the food/drink is cold.

2. Store food according to its type

Inside the refrigerator has several shelves. Each shelf is ideally arranged according to the type of food. So do not mix one type of food with other foods.

Foods such as raw meat and fish should be stored in airtight containers in the freezer section. In addition, you should avoid storing eggs behind the refrigerator door because this can actually make them go bad quickly. Yes, the refrigerator door is normally opened and closed throughout the day.

Well, this condition makes the eggs experience temperature changes when you open and close them. Therefore, to keep your eggs fresh and durable, you need to place them in the refrigerator where the temperature is much more stable.

3. Clean the refrigerator regularly

Clean the refrigerator regularly, especially the handles, shelves and storage compartments. But before cleaning it, you should remove all food or drinks that are in the refrigerator.

Wash all surfaces thoroughly with a special cleaning liquid, then rinse thoroughly. After that, make sure the surface of the refrigerator is dried thoroughly with a clean cloth. Never use cleaning products that can actually damage the refrigerator.

At least once a week, check all the food in the refrigerator . And also make sure that there are no food and drinks in the refrigerator that have expired or are not fit for consumption anymore.

How to Arrange Food in the Fridge

enrico mantegazza B0ADZiToKgw unsplash 681x1024 - How To Store Food In the Refrigerator to Make It Last

1. Get rid of everything you don’t need

The first step in organizing the contents of the refrigerator is to remove all the contents of the refrigerator that are no longer used, such as expired sauce bottles, vegetables or fruit that are not fresh or meat that has decreased in quality. Pay close attention to each ingredient.

2. Use the base on the refrigerator shelf

Give a base with a bright motif on each part of the refrigerator shelf to avoid spilling juice or splattered jelly. The use of pedestals on the shelves will enhance the appearance of the refrigerator while keeping the refrigerator shelves clean.

3. Use the container in the refrigerator

The use of containers in the refrigerator so that all food ingredients can be stored neatly. This way, you can immediately find out what ingredients are out of stock and need to be purchased without having to rummage through the refrigerator. Another idea for kids is to put kid’s snacks on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so they can easily pick them up on their own.

4. Use labels on each shelf

In addition to using containers in the refrigerator, add name tags to make it easier to organize. So that after buying groceries you can immediately put them in a place that matches the name. You can even ask the kids for help putting groceries into the fridge.

5. Put the base for the seasoning into the refrigerator

If you have a rotating spice base (commonly called a  lazy Susan ), use it in the refrigerator. Gather all the sauces and seasonings that are scattered on the refrigerator door to the base. Now you have more space to put the juice box.

e banking system malaysia

The Most Cost-Efficient Bank Account

What is the most cost-efficient bank account for millennials in the US? With the current world economy, it is a must for everyone to find the most cost-efficient bank account for their needs. There are a lot of options to choose from, so it can be difficult deciding which one you should go with. In this article, we will break down the pros and cons of many of these accounts and explain how to analyze your needs based on what type of account you’re looking for!

What are the benefits of bank account?

A bank account is an investment that allows you to store money and earn interest on it. The best thing about bank accounts is that they allow you to save your money without having to worry about running out of it until payday. You can access your money whenever you want and withdraw a fixed amount per day. It is important to open a bank account as soon as you can. This is because bank accounts are required by law to provide certain benefits. These benefits include being able to easily deposit checks, wire transfers, and even get a loan if needed. Banks also offer FDIC insurance on deposits up to $250,000 so that your money is protected no matter what happens.

pexels rodnae productions 7821717 1024x683 - The Most Cost-Efficient Bank Account

How much does a bank account cost?

It depends on the bank, but some banks charge less than $50 annually for accounts that offer the best services. The ideal e banking system malaysia have no fees attached to it and be able to use ATMs anywhere. A lot of people think that opening a savings account with a bank is expensive. That’s because most people just open up an account and never use it. However, the cost of opening an account can be near 0% if you open it with a particular bank. The different types of accounts are: checking, savings, and money market.

The difference in costs between these accounts is a little over 1%. An individual bank account is for a single person or family that requires access to their own funds. A joint bank account is for two or more people who share the same bank account and each have their own individual accounts. An individual bank account is simple, cost-efficient, and easy to use. When you open an account with a bank, you’ll be charged a monthly service fee for your account. However, opening an individual bank account frees up personal assets from the control of that particular bank and allows you to potentially invest in other assets outside of their control.

Which banks offer the best services with competitive pricing?

Many people wonder which bank offers the best service and customer support. The most important factor to consider when comparing banks is their pricing. You should look at how current pricing, fees, and other services are compared to make an informed decision. In the USA, there are only two banks that offer competitive pricing and lower fees: Ally Bank and Charles Schwab. They currently have the best interest rates, rewards programs, and customer service nationwide.

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family medicine training course in Malaysia

Why Attend a Family Medicine Training Course in Malaysia?

The medical education system in Malaysia is recognized worldwide. It is known for its high-quality and affordable health care services, as well as its national commitment to make healthcare accessible to everyone. Family medicine has been a specialty of Malaysia since the 1970s and is widely practiced in the country. Malaysia is a great place to study medicine. With multiple medical schools in the country, there are many opportunities for students to learn from top world-class professors and attend innovative courses. The Malik Medical School of Malaysia was the first medical school in Malaysia. It was founded in 1895 by Dr. Haji Mohamad bin Mohammad, who became known as the Father of Medicine in Malaysia. The school is located on a 28-acre campus at Jalan Sembilan, Malacca City which is only 30 km away from Malacca Town and amidst lush greenery with plenty of space for traveling around the campus for both students and lecturers.

Medical education in Malaysia is still largely based on lectures and bedside teaching, with limited time for clinical work. This tends to result in a lack of practical skills that medical students need when they start practicing. Medical school is the first step towards becoming a medical doctor. There are many medical schools around the world that offer training courses for their students, which can last from one to two years. There are many reasons why one should consider studying medicine in Malaysia. First, it is an inexpensive place to study, with the cost per semester ranging from US$3,000-$7,000 depending on your chosen course and whether you want to study in public or private universities.

Family Medicine training course in Malaysia 1024x683 - Why Attend a Family Medicine Training Course in Malaysia?
Happy female doctor giving high fie to a little boy who came with father at hospital.

The country also provides a lot of perks for international students looking for international opportunities. Besides receiving an internationally recognized degree and job opportunities around the globe, you will also be able to stay in Malaysia as long as you want after graduation without any issues. As we age, there are certain issues that arise in our health. One of the most common and serious of these is dementia, a condition caused by the gradual decline of neurons in the brain. Many countries have begun to invest in ways to prevent and treat dementia and this includes improving their medical education system.

Malaysia has one of the top medical education systems in Asia. They have over 20 medical schools and more than 300,000 qualified doctors per year. The country is also ranked first among other countries for having healthy citizens that live long lives with a high life expectancy rate at 84 years old. These factors make Malaysia a great place to study medicine at any level. It can be difficult to understand what medical school in Malaysia offers if you don’t know anything about the country. This article will explain to you why it’s worth attending a family medicine training course in Malaysia. Medical school is an important step towards achieving your career goals and making sure that your skill set is up-to-date on all levels.