PSV Vessel Malaysia

PSV Vessels In Malaysia

You might have heard about the importance of gas, oil to a country’s economy. But do you know the agency, the corporation, the company and who is contributing to our country’s economy without even knowing. Thanks to those organizations, we are all able to have our car tanks full, the oxygen tanks occupied and also to have oil in our kitchen to cook.

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But talking about this matter, as an early education in school, we are taught about the process of getting oil and gas to our county with many other related items. And we all know what those processes use as its medium, ships. The ships that have been made use for all exporting and importing purposes serve another purpose in Malaysia and it is called the PSV vessel Malaysia, due to its ability to transport the offshore oil and gas to our country.

Moreover, psv vessel Malaysia, is used for a variety of purposes, and even though the oil and gas shipment has always been their primary focus, with this current and modern era, there’s a lot of need for many other items that are being given importance as same as the oil and gas. With that being said, there are many other ships that serve as the psv vessel Malaysia. 

  1. Altus Marine Solution

Altus Marine Solution was established in 2010, and has been part of the PSV vessel Malaysia till now. This company is based from Malaysia and has been the PSV vessel Malaysia by transporting items to abroad countries as well. This Altus Marine Solution specializes not only in transporting but also in other services such as maintenance, marine asset decommission and many more.


ICON OFFSHORE is also another psv vessel in Malaysia. This organization works with other parts of SouthEast Asia when it comes to water shipment. And is also known by many other countries for its marine service. This ship also transports many items and products such as oil and gas as well. But the primary focus of this company doesn’t solely focus on one, since they have many other services which are available in their company.

  1. Nam Cheong’s Limited

This company first started as only shipping vessels in the early years of 1968, till now becoming part of the PSV vessel Malaysia. The Nam Cheong Limited, is one of Malaysia’s biggest supply chain that works as a PSV vessel and also many other aspects in transporting and importing items. This company is also known to be the first PSV vessel in Malaysia. 

Lastly, as we can, Malaysia is no stranger when it comes to supply chains in our country. Our country is known for its offshore oil and gas transportation and also for its largest supply chain that other countries recruit due to the capacity of the deck and logistics that we own. It is also important to remember that this PSV vessel Malaysia is one of the reasons that Malaysia’s economy is still striving, and it is worth protecting and respecting that as well.

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